"Jenn is one of the best supervisors I had during my training years; she is sharp as a tack, incredibly intuitive and insightful with a wide range of clinical issues and presentations, and most of all is unequivocally invested in her supervisee's growth as a therapist. She strikes such a perfect balance between highlighting emerging strengths while also identifying areas of growth and challenge. I count myself among the lucky ones to have had her as a supervisor and now as a trusted colleague."

"As a supervisor, Jenn effectively guided me through some of the toughest projects I have yet encountered in my career. She was always extremely supportive, motivational and consistently got me to think 'outside of the box.' Jenn's expertise allowed my professional knowledge to grow exponentially."

"When navigating changes in my career path, I was initially skeptical about how talking to a therapist might help me. Talking to Jenn feels just like chatting with a friend. She is funny and down to earth and she is a truly great listener. Jenn has taught me how to set clear, achievable goals based on what is really important to me. I now feel like I am making conscious choices about every aspect of my professional life."

"Jenn is a highly enthusiastic and vibrant trainer. She is terrifically knowledgeable and has a great command of the material. Highly attuned to various learning styles, Jenn can connect with everybody. I've never heard of anyone who walked away from one of her trainings without commenting on how valuable it was. Simply excellent!"

"Jenn helped me take some of the most difficult and overwhelming situations that I've been faced with and supported me to step back and get refocused. I can't believe how much more manageable things became, once I got clear on things! She helped me so much. I moved through things that I never thought I could go through...and, she even made me laugh in my stressed out state!"

"Jenn's vast experience and her ability to ask insightful questions guided the design and development of our Youth Ambassador Program. Her attention to detail, superb grant-writing skills and extraordinary commitment to working on this project were invaluable. As a result the project received full funding and continues to benefit the Somali youth community."

"Jenn was an amazing counselor. She truly listened to everything I was saying and never made me feel ashamed or like what I was thinking or doing in my life was stupid. She’s really helped me be more comfortable and confident in myself and my decisions."

"As my supervisor, Jenn has brought the perfect combination of clinical insight, thoughtfulness and humor to our weekly supervision. I fully trust her to push me to think differently, compassionately, and ethically about difficult clients and situations. Jenn's clinical supervision and expertise has been essential to strengthening and focusing my own skills as a social worker and I look forward to every time we meet."

"Jenn has made me feel more comfortable than any therapist I've seen before. I'm able to talk to her and I feel like we're on the same level of understanding: I don't feel the need to justify myself or over-explain anything because I know she understands, which makes for an easygoing environment. I always walk out of sessions feeling much better than when I came in and I look forward to sessions with her."

"When I finally made the decision to move into private practice, it was one of the most nerve-wracking and scary things I had ever done! Fortunately, though, I had the good fortune of working with Jenn. She was incredibly helpful with how to establish a private practice, offered materials, guidance, and encouragement. At the start of my private practice, I would email her health insurance questions. She was always very responsive and informative. I now have a thriving private practice. If you’re looking for an amazing mentor, Jenn is the one for you!"