Jenn Brandel, LICSW, Psychotherapy and Consultation


You can now access online courses taught by Jenn, through a partnership with HealWell.

The Art of Apology

Fee: $40

Recently, the media has highlighted many examples of individuals not taking responsibility for harmful actions or failing to apologize effectively. Why is it that so many people struggle to say “I’m sorry” without caveats or defensiveness?

Pursuing Sensitive Disclosures: Skillfully Asking Clients Tough Questions in Order to Assess Risk

Fee: $40

Learn to formulate standardized questions to reduce stigma, how to manage your own internal judgments, how to evoke acceptance and self-compassion in the client and how to create a space for support, kindness, transformation and hope.

Empowering Individuals to Navigate Crisis

Fee: $30

This training explores a model for empowering individuals to mobilize internal resources in order to discern a mental health crisis from a difficult emotional experience and offers a variety of self-administered grounding and coping tools.